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Ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn how to swim. With over 40 years combined experience, we are passionate about giving your child a

“Safe Start to Water Safety”.

Communication on your child’s progress is of the utmost important to our team. Our teachers and support staff always try to keep parents informed regarding their child. We pride our self on making every member of the family comfortable, happy, and relaxed, all the factors necessary to be successful on the learn to swim journey.

Nippers 2 Flippers learn to swim program includes a step by step homogeneously graded system which follows the  Swim Australia guidelines. Classes are structured in such a way that students of similar age and ability are taught together and only move onto the next level when required skills are mastered.

Our program begins with teaching students the basics of staying afloat in the water, then moves onto the fundamentals of arm stroking before commencing the learning of more sophisticated and refined formal strokes.The aim of our learn to swim program is to produce strong, confident swimmers who have a love and respect for the water.


Our Facilities

Our pool is heated to 32 degrees to ensure that all swimmers, especially babies, are comfortable through all the seasons. We have showering and change room facilities available,as well as hair dryers during the colder months. The pool deck has a designated play area to help occupy siblings as well as plenty of seating to allow parents to easily view their child’s class.


Our Team

Director- Anita Peck

Manager – Rachael Joyce

Babies Coordinator – Petra Holmes

Swimming Instructors

Anita Peck
Rachael Joyce
Gina Crick
Petra Holmes
Melissa Murray
Christine Calloway
Julie Bower
Toby Goodsell
Tiarna White
Tracey McWilliams
Madi Cleal
Doreen Walton
Sharon Rigby


Allison Peck
Abby Churchin
Justine Thompson